Dissertation coaching
About Barbara Nordin Dissertation Coach

"I tried to balance writing my dissertation and being an elementary school principal for quite a long time and failed miserably. Working with Barbara gave me specific strategies that allowed me to build writing momentum and confidence. I am very grateful for her professional and compassionate support."
— A.D.-S., Palmyra, VA

"Working with Barbara helped me jump start my research with renewed focus and vigor. She provided just the right balance in both challenging me to make progress and providing me with an appropriate amount of support to meet my goals."
— M.N., Lynchburg, VA

"With a ninety-minute commute and two kids in school, I have even less time available to me than the average doctoral candidate. So I need to squeeze out every ounce of time I can from every day.  Getting Barbara's help in organizing my time and in making my work habits more effective really made a difference.  Following her tailor-made schedule, I was able to finish a draft of my first chapter in one semester.  I'd recommend this service to anyone who is serious about finishing a dissertation."
— J.H., Amherst, MA

"With Barbara, I have learned to set goals that are attainable and have felt my courage and determination grow. She has aided me in fine-tuning my study skills, so that I use my time effectively without overworking myself. She has taught me how to pay attention to my body and mind's abilities to focus. By using these rhythms and including breaks as a necessary part of the writing process, I feel fueled when I sit down to write and I have returned to loving what I do."
— M.M., Washington, D.C.

"I was at a point in my writing where I was stuck. I was overwhelmed by all the research I had done and all the work that was left to do. I just could not process everything. On top of that, I had classes to prepare for and teach, family and friends to keep up with—generally a whole other life aside from my dissertation. Barbara helped me to sort through all of the material, deadlines, and obligations demanding my attention and to figure out strategies for chipping away at my dissertation while maintaining a life. She helped me figure out how to get out of those stuck spots in the writing process. After working one month with her I have written most of a major chapter that actually makes sense to me, prepared for a brand new class I am teaching this fall, worked through dozens of primary and secondary sources, organized my work space, and allowed myself to have something of a guilt-free life."
— A.T., Richmond, VA

"After years of stagnation as I tried to finish up my dissertation (history), a friend e-mailed me a link to Barbara Nordin's website. A quick perusal suggested to me that her service was just what I needed to jump start my productivity. And jump start it she did. Barbara's positive attitude, her work schedule techniques, and her constant, yet gentle, encouragement got me back on the path to a timely completion of my dissertation. I am working well on my own now, but am certain that if it weren't for Barbara and her service, I would still be floundering."
— R.H., Charlottesville, VA