Dissertation coaching
Help for writing a dissertation

Days Two through Thirty

1. Each day that you’re scheduled to write (or do other dissertation work), you’ll begin by e-mailing me a list of the specific tasks you intend to perform that day. Examples: “Write another 250 words in Chapter Two,” “Gather all papers and files in the apartment and sort them into piles by subject,” “Call my advisor and schedule a meeting.”

2. I'll reply by e-mail to acknowledge that I've received your plan for the day. If I see any potential problems, I'll suggest changes. Two common red flags are committing to an unrealistic number of tasks for one day and committing to writing intervals that may be too long. (In the beginning, writing for more than thirty
minutes at a stretch—especially if you haven't written for awhile—
can actually be counterproductive.)

3. At the end of the day, you’ll e-mail again to tell me: (a) which tasks were completed, and how easy or difficult each seemed; (b) if applicable, why you didn’t complete any of your tasks; and (c) anything that strikes you about your writing process and rhythm (e.g., “I think I need to spend more time right now editing than writing,” “I thought the library would be a good place to work, but I kept getting distracted,” etc.).

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