Dissertation coaching
Help for writing a dissertation

Even one sixty-minute planning session (face-to-face if you're in or near Charlottesville, VA; by phone if you’re not) can significantly increase your productivity and make deadlines easier to meet. During the session, we’ll accomplish three things:

1. We’ll discuss your project, including:

  • an overview of your topic and the history of what, if any, work you've already done;
  • your work space and how organized your materials are; and
  • writing processes that have (or haven’t) worked for you in the past—e.g., time of day, setting, length of writing intervals, etc.

2. We’ll decide on one or several goals for whatever time frame you choose, from a week to a year, then break the whole into manageable parts.

3. I'll explain the techniques you’ll use to establish a comfortable, productive writing process and rhythm and begin building momentum.

Each session costs $60.
Getting Started

Just fill out a brief form and I’ll contact you within 24 hours to schedule your planning session.

Contact me at barbara@abdnomore.com.